Acrylic Paintings

These are a few of my acrylic paintings. Please click on an image for a larger view.

The Race

Acrylic on wood 2005, 39 hrs.

Tiger Cubs in Snow

Acrylic on wood 1997, 53 hrs.

Tiger Cubs in Water

Acrylic on canvas 2002, 21 hrs.

The Mountains of the Moon

Acrylic on wood 1999, 171 hrs.

Detail: Silverback male gorilla

A close up of the mature gorilla.

Detail: The family

A close up of some of the gorilla family.


Acrylic on canvas 1999, 53 hrs. Not great, trying new ideas.


Acrylic on canvas 2000, 25 hrs.


Acrylic on canvas 2000, 18 hrs.