Star Wars Bed


The whole bed started off as simple shapes cut from sheets of MDF, plywood, and framing timber. These are the feet.

The feet take shape

Each layer has been cut by hand on a band saw, and the first slot cut to house the timber frame.

The Basic Foot

The foot is nearly complete, just a few details to be glued on.

Hidden detail

Just in case someone lay down and looked under the raised foot, I added detail in there too!

The frame

The 2x4 framing timber structure provides plenty of strength and is easily hidden within the legs. The bent leg takes no weight, as the platform is effectively the fourth leg.

The head takes shape

Primarily made from 12mm MDF.

Painting the walls

I didn't want to have just the snow scene from Hoth as Alex might be playing on another planet such as Endor, so I opted for a generic sky background.

The base coat

The base coat is a tinted acrylic primer.


The weathering is simply black paint airbrushed on to simulate carbon scoring, dirt, etc.