Star Wars Bed

For Alexander's 7th birthday I wanted to build him something very special. I had given Olympia a horse and built her a TARDIS door so I felt I could do something spectacular for Alex without being unfair to Olympia.

I stopped counting the time to build Alexander's bed at 400 hours, but when I came to create a copy for the 2014 Armageddon Expo I was horrified to find that the copy took 420 hours!  This was just the chargeable construction time, not including redoing mistakes, or any planning time!  There are 1260 pieces virtually all hand cut, and $1700 of materials.  It is 2.2m high, 3.6m long, and 2.1m wide, allowing it to fit into a normal bedroom (2.4m high x 3.6m x 3m).