Paranooid Productions offer a range of services including custom furniture design and fabrication, sets, props, short films, animations, commercials, sculpting, and painting.

construction Whatever your need we can design and fabricate it. Large, small or tiny, we can build it for you.
film production We produce high definition films, including storyboarding, super slow motion, and editing, for all your commercial or private projects.
animation Give an edge to your projects with 3D and stop motion animation for commercial or private use.
painting And there's more! Old school painting and sculpting through to modern digital creations.

We create to your specifications and your budget.  In order to achieve this we follow 5 simple steps:

1 Consider the scope of the project

Firstly we need to understand what you want created, how you are going to use it, and when you need it by.

2 Budget

The next step is to work out a suitable budget.  You'll suggest what you expect to pay for the project, we'll then provide estimates of what can be achieved within that budget, and through a collaborative process we'll arrive at a workable project for a given budget.

3 Commission the project

This is a simple agreement to define the scope and budget for the project.  It does not require any lawyers as it just tries to make sure all parties are clear on exactly what is to be delivered.  Changes to the project are possible at later stages but both sides need to agree.

4 Project commencement

We can now begin work on your project.  During this process we will give you updates on progress, check with you if we have any queries, and you'll be able to provide guidance as to what you want in the finished entity.

For example, if we were making a short film this would be an iterative process whereby we would provide a number of edits for you to critique and we would then incorporate those changes.  If we were building a bed you could provide guidance as to the final colour scheme.

5 Project delivery and sign-off

We provide you with the finished product, installing it if required, and once you are satisfied the project is marked as completed.